Services By A Winnipeg Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been arrested in a criminal case, you should seek help of a Winnipeg criminal defense lawyer immediately. Take help of an experienced lawyer who specializes in the field of criminal laws. A criminal defense attorney handles different types of cases related to the criminal laws. Some of these cases include manslaughter, criminal fraud, extortion, forgery, homicide, parole and probation, homicide and sexual assault.

The criminal law is related to the crimes. It specifies how a person accused of a crime should be tried in the court. It defines what type of sentence can be awarded to the convict. Failure to comply with these laws is termed a crime. An act that endangers, harms or threatens people is termed a criminal offense. There are different categories of criminal offenses covered under the criminal laws. These categories are referred as participatory offense, property offense, fatal offense and personal offense.

Participatory offense relates to a criminal act where the accused is held as an abettor. Burglary, theft and break-in offenses are covered under the property offenses. Sexual abuse, rape and assault charges are covered under the personal offense category. A person accused of homicide or manslaughter is prosecuted for fatal offense. In civil law cases, the suit is initiated by the victim but in a criminal case, the suit is initiated by the government prosecutor. In other types of cases, plaintiffs need to prove only up to an extent that the defendant is liable for the damages. However, in case of a crime, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused committed the crime.

If you think you have been accused wrongly of committing a criminal act, you should put up a strong legal challenge from the start. A Winnipeg criminal defense lawyer will help you in this endeavor. Even if the prosecutor is able to prove the accused as guilty, a good criminal defense lawyer can help minimize the sentence, fines and penalties. If you are defended properly, you have a higher chance of remaining out of the jail. Unlike minor offenses, a criminal act affects a person’s record severely. Some private employers may overlook a record of minor offense but they are not so lenient if you have been convicted under the criminal law. Protect your rights. Consult a criminal defense law firm that has good track record of winning cases.